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^Me too gniX.

Here's two photos of the Juniper Bank building currently finishing preliminary sitework. There's a very large two to three foot hole that's now filled with water.

A mock up?

These few buildings in the 900 block of Orange Street are fenced off and ready to be demolished. There is one building on the Shipley side of this block that is already demolished. In fact I wanted to shoot this small building before it was pulverized, but it's now too late. The little building had an interesting carved stonework sign that said "Room" and also a roof mounted lattace type sign (a sign on a lattace work of metal, I don't know what that type is really called). Damn shame I didn't get to shoot it. I'll never put off something like that again. I don't know what is going here at all. If anyone has any idea, please share.

The building on Shipley is now a pile of rubble.

And here's a few random shots I took this afternoon:

One of my favorite buildings in downtown. This is on the 400 block of Market Street, which is now fenced off due to the impending construction of the Renaissance Centre office building mentioned above. I'll shoot some more of this site later this week.

The loneliest area in all of downtown on a weekend. Market above 12th Street is as desolate as a ghost town, but I like it.


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