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^Doesn't matter. It'll never come about. I honestly don't understand the mentality that by adding a fourth venue in the state, two in New Castle County only miles apart, that this will help the gambling industry compete with PA and MD. How does further diluting market share help anyone? The state passed expanded gambling laws to help the horse racing industry remain a viable sport, and it has worked. That should be it.

It's funny, these developers brought in a plan a little over a year ago to my bank and it was all industrial warehouse/flex buildings, now this. I definately support the condominiums and marina, but the resort and casino are a poor fit and will ultimately fail. I'm undecided on the retail and restaurants. Wilmington definately has a large selection of restaurants already, and I don't know if there's demand for more. Retailers might like the site because of the direct access off of I-495, and Wilmington could definately use more upscale stores and an alternative to the 202 corridor and the Christiana Mall complex.

Anyway, Joe I'm certain that Brandywine Realty Trust doesn't have enough preleasing to start construction of 2CC. The same goes for Gateway Plaza (hopefully WSFS will move!). I certainly see office space continue to tighten, especially as the sites out in the County continue to age and have very few new buildings to replace them. Again, I'd say summer 2006. I saw that rendering of the two towers on the Kling website, too. Nice.
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