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Originally Posted by Submariner View Post
Even with the height reduction, HU North looks too short compared to the E-tower...perhaps it's a matter of perspective but I think people are right in saying there needs to be a "signature" tower here that stands above the rest. Who knows though. The renderings of Two WTC next to One WTC have always worked well...maybe this will too...
That's because the E tower in that rendering has increased height. The towers are too close in height for one to be really dominant. The reason 1 and 2 work well together in renderings is because of the massive spire. Remove that, and they're also close in height, but we expect that from buildings that are replacing the Twins. There are going to be many more buildings around these towers, a lot of them very tall. Something needs to stand out.

This tower will be Ross's personal trophy building. He will live at the very top, so maybe he wanted to be closer to the clouds.
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