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Once we unify everything we will be able to plan everything smartly to get cost optimized results and can become a 'Smart Nation'. Each of ministry should have its own informatics system to plan for resources falling under purview of that ministry and all systems should have interfaces with each other. As posted already earlier all levels of informations (city, village, district, state, country) have to talk to each other so that NITI Ayog can come up with proper neeti (policy, planning) for national development involving villages, cities, districts, states also in planning process.
The thing mentioned below is also needed to become 'Smart Nation' but source of electricity should be renewable or clean. There are many more things needed to become 'Smart Nation' and let us hope to come across them one by one.

India aiming for all-electric car fleet by 2030, petrol and diesel to be tanked

Whether imported coal or locally generated coal is used for generating electricity?
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