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Footpath Standards/Guidelines

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Whether all the guidelines will be ready before execution of smart city projects? I could not find promised worldclass footpath guidelines in any of government websites. (might have missed). Hope the designs of the smart cities are in compliance with promised standards & guidelines.

Norms for urban transport standards identified

We can not just borrow a standard or guideline prepared in some other country and say this is our standard or guideline. In case of footpath, what we need is a thorough analysis of threats and weaknesses of our pedestrian facilities (I don't think there is much strength to boast to do a complete SWOT analysis but opportunities can be explored). Some of threats are unique to India. For example, staircases going to basement shops and groundfloor shops create issues like no adequate parapet which may result in pedestrians falling down to basement floor from footpath or vehicles coming up from parking area of basement climbing slope with full speed on footpath.

Each city should add threats specific to that city to the list of threats if there are ones peculiar to that city. Threats can be classified according to threat-severity or threat-cost and severe threats can be addressed first if there is funds shortage to adddress others. But a goal of smart city should be to eliminate all the pedestrian threats. Here I am posting photographs of a few threats as examples.

Sharp edged rods & staircase pit by the side of footpath

Here is an example of another threat indicating weakness of governmental & judicial/legal institutions. As construction of footpath is going on it is mutilated to create upward slant.

Just imagine once you complete the smart city project people are doing unauthorized changes like this to spoil infrastructure again.

What happens without a thorough guideline is if you complain there is no toilet or no autoriksha parking area then the officials will just construct them on footpath.
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