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Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post
Guess what? I'm pretty sure that I bought the Raggedy Man novelization! I don't know what I'd think now, but I liked the film when it was released. Sissy Spacek and Eric Roberts were in it. It was directed and produced by those who also did Norma Rae and Hud. Henry Thomas (pre-E.T.) is in the film, too.

Do they still make movie tie-in books? I'm assuming you meant those novelizations they used to write from the screenplays? I used to buy some of those when I liked a film and wanted to experience it again in some way. This was mostly before home video that I bought them, when you couldn't see a movie anytime you wanted to. I never read one of those "before" I'd seen the film, though. Did people do that?

It kinda makes sense that "Can't Stop the Music" wouldn't have made a good novelization, there wasn't much of a story there!

Yes, I guess Grease was his one big hit. After "Music" he did Grease 2, then the infamous "Snow White Oscars" and then it seems he was finished!

Yes, "Can't Stop the Music', came out when disco was on the wane. In fact, I kept a Hollywood Reporter, for reasons other than what I'm about to tell you, that has a two-page ad in it for this "upcoming" same film, which apparently had a different title: "Discoland, Where the Music Never Ends." Also, remember in the movie Airplane which came out in mid-1980, there's a scene where you see the Chicago skyline and a radio tower (KLMN for my purposes here) and you hear a radio announcer say, "You're listening to radio station KLMN where Disco lives forever," at which point the "Airplane" flies into and knocks over the radio tower." LOL!

After I posted that billboard photo, I saw this item about the Sunset billboard: "This billboard, promoting the Village People disco-musical "Can't Stop the Music" graced Sunset Blvd. The billboard itself actually had a traffic-stopping, star-studded, red-carpet, unveiling ceremony on "Can't Stop The Music Day" (Thank you, mayor Tom Bradley). The red carpet extended from the billboard all the way to the door of the famous Schwab's drugstore. Long after the movie - a monumental flop - had disappeared from theaters, this billboard was still up. For more info on the making of this memorably bad film, check out the book "Party Animals: A Hollywood Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Starring the Fabulous Allan Carr" by Robert Hofler.

OK, Call me shocked!

I have an old box of Pinnacle paperbacks in a closet downstairs, The books have been in the box for about 39 years,
and I don't think I have looked inside for about 25 years. Had no idea what was in there. So, I ripped off the tape and
started pulling out the books. And all of a sudden, there it was.

Front cover:

My Photo

Back cover:

My Photo

I had never looked inside the book. It's a picture book with still shots from the movie
and cartoon bubbles above people's heads with spoken lines from the movie. Talk about corny.
There is also a 16 page color section in the middle, mostly showing the Village People in full battle gear.
Jenner and Perrine (who appears to keep "most" of her clothes on in the movie) seem to be the love interest.

Now, I want to to see the movie!
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