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Originally Posted by jtown,man View Post
I agree NO had a more liberal view on black people for the South(isn't saying much) but to say "slave family members were never separated/sold away from each other" couldn't be further from the truth. NO had the largest slave market in the United States by time the Civil War started. Sure, the vast majority of these slaves were imported from the Upper-South but to act like NO was some mecca of tolerance of blacks that they didn't even sale slaves is far from the reality.

Also, again yes NO punched above their weight in terms of their free black population, to say "free blacks were almost non-existent" in other areas is incredibly far from the truth.
I didn't say that slaves were not sold in Louisiana. I guess I should have specified that married slave couples were not sold separately, and slave mothers and their children were not separated either, unlike in the rest of the south, where slave families were often broken up/sold separately.
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