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Doesn't that make Ambrosie's idea of CFL 2.0 more relevant to help those markets ? If there are players from those countries eventually playing in the CFL, that will help attract the new fans and if they sign TV deals it can lead to more money for the league and allow those fans to follow the league in the native language if they so will be slow to get traction but it is a low risk, potentially high reward idea
Probably, but it's a tough job to tackle. One of the other factors is that you can watch pretty much any sport from anywhere on TV or internet channels these days. Immigrants from other countries are easily able to follow Cricket and soccer, etc.. Fooftball fans in Canada also get to watch pretty much as much NFL football as they'd like - and that's an issue. Regardless of whether you prefer the American or Canadian game, the best players are in the NFL. A segment of people will always gravitate to the NFL for that reason.

I'm not trying to knock the CFL, as I am a fan myself, but I think it's a tough road ahead. I'm also not trying to blame immigrants for any struggles in the league, but realistically, it is part of the equation.
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