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Originally Posted by BlaineN View Post
We'll see how it goes with Halifax entering the fray. Maybe there's still hope for Quebec or another Ontario city like London?
Having lived in Toronto and now in Calgary one of the issues facing the CFL in cities like these (Calgary/Toronto/Van/MTL) are the high proportion of migrants from other cities or other countries. The international immigrants aren't taking to the CFL and the inter-city migrants tend not to either. If they didn't come from a city with a CFL team they usually don't support the Argos or Stamps, etc...
Calgary seems to have a decently solid fan base, but considering how good the team has been, it should be bigger IMO.
Doesn't that make Ambrosie's idea of CFL 2.0 more relevant to help those markets ? If there are players from those countries eventually playing in the CFL, that will help attract the new fans and if they sign TV deals it can lead to more money for the league and allow those fans to follow the league in the native language if they so will be slow to get traction but it is a low risk, potentially high reward idea

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