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Originally Posted by cjones2451 View Post
I guess the first question here is will we get a new CBA signed before the season officially starts?

What impact will the AAF have when it begins

Who will be each teams starting QBs ? Does BLM sign in the NFL?

Can new coaches in BC, Hamilton and Toronto have an immediate impact

Will the Atlantic Schooners officially be granted a franchise and begin construction on a stadium, and where will TD Atlantic be held and how will it be received?

Will anything move forward with Mexican players and / or games to be played there going forward

Can BC, Toronto and Montreal gain back fans in seats and grow their attendance numbers?

Big season with lots of unanswered questions, some might say this is the most pivotal season for the long term future of CFL
To answer my own questions

Yes it does, I think both sides will realize that a work stoppage could lead the CFL into a death spiral

I think the AAF does effect the recruiting somewhat, but ultimately Spring football has never worked down south

I think BLM ends up in the NFL, think Mike Reilly ends up in BC and then the dominoes really start to fall.....

Yes, I think all 3 will have huge impacts with improved teams

My gut on the TD Atlantic game is they want it in Halifax and will find some way to get temp bleachers etc at St Marys stadium. As for the stadium getting done, I am really on the fence, really want it to get going but just see some many obstacles in the way

I think Mexico will slowly move forward with a couple of players being offered tryouts in training camp and I think they will look to play a game there next year (2020)

I think BC and Toronto grow a bit, but again it takes time. As for Montreal until they can consistently start winning, it is going to be tough for them to be as relevant in that market
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