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Originally Posted by Skydragon42 View Post
So my copy of sketchup make 2014 kept freezing and crashing!

It's not because my city is so big, I was drawing a building in a new file!

It would just not work, so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it!

But now it says the trial has expired and I have to ether buy a license or download the new version!


Sorry, but thats really unfair!

Why can't I download sketchupmake 2014?

Who can afford to spend 500 dollars on a computer program anyway?

Theres no reason it should be more then fifty!

Theres no way I'm getting a new computer anytime soon, and it won't let me

even look at my models

It makes me wish Trimble would burn down now!

I can't bypass the welcome screen ether!

Why don't you uninstall and install Sketchup 2016. I was also getting same problem but this new version works great for me. You should download it from any torrent website. I have a dropbox link where Sketchup 2016 full version is there, let me know if you still need it.
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