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Originally Posted by Colin May View Post
I would like to see a few 50 storey buildings, 3 would be good and then we can all look forward to planning to increase the number of families on the peninsula.
The new medical centre in Bayers Lake is a smart decision, perhaps a 50 storey building is planned for close by.
I am not sure if you are being serious or sarcastic (no offense, I am just not sure). Honestly I wouldn't want to live at or near the top of a 50 storey tower and so I would rather see two 25 storey towers or three 17 storey towers than one 50 storey tower. 50 storey towers are a dime a dozen in the GTA and such heights don't really impress me.

On the other hand if a developer came by and wanted to build something eye appealing and impressive but needs 30 storeys to justify it, then let's have that option. I am thinking of something like below, but 100 meters.

I think the Design Review Committee can decide between something outstanding and just a nondescript tower.

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