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Originally Posted by IanWatson View Post
The better way is to get Centre Plan passed. Then these things can be done as-of-right or with streamlined design review like they are downtown.

When you go through a planning application--any development agreement or rezoning--that bureaucratic bafflegab is absolutely necessary. These are legal processes and open to appeal to the UARB. That detailed analysis is necessary to defend against appeals.
Originally Posted by Keith P. View Post
But the Centre Plan is hugely flawed. It should not be passed in its present form.

I agree with both of these comments.

One thing that I would like to see in the Centre Plan are areas set aside in commercial/industrial type areas where signature buildings of up to say 100 meters (32 - 33 residential storeys, or 25 office storeys) are permitted. In order for a project to qualify, then it would have to be an outstanding project, otherwise the limit may be 20 storeys (60 meters).
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