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Originally Posted by OUIR@random View Post
Mmmm, I don't think that answered my question. How is this sustainable? Who is expected to pay for this and how is a city 5 times smaller expected to make this realistic? We all want this for Moncton, but I truly believe that this will put Moncton in a financial mess. We should go big, but this big?
Moncton should go big for the reasons that both MonctonRad and NBNYer have listed. Getting that 10K threshold opens up opportunities for a plethora of more events. Events like The Brier require there to be at least 8/10K capacity. Music concert tours often set 10K as a minimum capacity. Etc., etc. If you go small (7/8K) you're voluntarily closing yourself off to events that otherwise would consider Moncton in a heartbeat.
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