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Originally Posted by BoiseAirport View Post
With as much growth that Coeur D'Alene is experiencing, and with the general affluence of the market and its status as an ever growing tourist destination, part of me wonders how long it will be before we see commercial air service into Coeur D'Alene (KCOE) again. This is explored in their 2012 Master Plan where they ultimately determine that Coeur D'Alene's needs are met by Spokane International. The study does also mention that Coeur D'Alene could eventually be an attractive airport to an airline such as Spirit or Allegiant, ultra-low-cost-carriers (ULCC), to vacation destinations - but I think that's a long, long way off. However, the study also contends that an intrastate link between Boise and KCOE via a 9-seater has the potential for success. Considering the amount of traffic between the two cities, I agree that a properly executed air link could be successful.

It's estimated that approximately 170,000 passengers (or 465 per day) out of Spokane come from the Coeur D'Alene metro area, but factor in East Spokane, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, St. Maries - areas that could also be served by KCOE, and I bet that number rises. I don't think now is the right time, but in the future I think the market could be ripe for, say, a 2x daily Horizon Air link between KCOE and Seattle (with plenty of opportunities for connections beyond).
I agree with your assessment BoiseAirport. Even with our good growth in the past and expected future growth, my guess is it will be 40-50 years before Cd'A sees commercial air service. We did have Empire Air serve Cd'A Airport in the 80's and early 90's, with service to Boise and other Northwest cities, but that hasn't been up and running for two decades now. Spokane Airport is just too close to Cd'A for there to be any need in the near future. It would be like Caldwell getting passenger service in addition to Boise Airport.

If commercial service happens in the future in Cd'A, I think there is currently enough land at the airport to make it happen. The runways are long enough to land 737s and of course the few Gulfstreams and other private planes that already have hangars at the airport currently.
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