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Originally Posted by jimthemanincda View Post
Another ride is set to open at Silverwood Theme Park north of town...

COEUR d'ALENE - Silverwood Theme Park's new thrill ride is not for the faint of heart.

Actually, if you're squeamish at all, if you have a delicate stomach, you should just plain stay away from this one.

The 104-foot tall attraction will swing like a pendulum, rising higher on each rotation, while also spinning its 24 riders seated in a circular platform.

It will perform a complete 360, repeatedly placing riders upside down, while spinning, "over and over and over," said DiGiammarco, Silverwood's marketing director, during a press conference Tuesday.

Groundbreaking on the $2 million ride being made by Visa International in Italy is set for February. It's scheduled to arrive at the park in April, and be ready for the park's 26th season opening in May.

It's expected to boost attendance to the 700,000 mark, up from around 650,000, and should help fill area hotels.

When the roller coaster Tremors opened in 1999, attendance jumped 47 percent to 345,614.

When Panic Plunge opened in 2006, attendance was 518,358, a 16 percent increase.

When the coaster Aftershock opened in late July of 2008, attendance was 554,002, up 3 percent from the year before, the small increase likely due to the late opening.

A contest to name the new ride is under way at Silverwood's website. The winner will receive a free gold pass for this season and be among the first to ride it.

The new monster thrill ride will be visible from U.S. 95 and near Timber Terror.

It will stand a shade taller than rollercoasters Tremors at 100 feet and Timber Terror at 85 feet, but shorter than Aftershock at 191 feet, or Panic Plunge at 140 feet.

It's touted to have a g-force of 3.5, which means, basically, it could make you sick with all that spinning and swinging. It will be one of the most "intensive" rides in the park and last 2-3 minutes.

This will be the first such ride in the U.S., which Silverwood landed by outbidding another company. A 40-foot version stands in Sweden. A video played Tuesday showed screaming passengers being tossed up, down and all around while harnessed into their seats.


Looks fun. I wish Coeur d'Alene and this amazing looking amusement park were not so far from Boise. A few people I work with take a yearly vacation up north to go to Silverwood with their families.
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