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Originally Posted by maranello16 View Post
The western world left in the dust? Is that some sorta guilty-white joke? So what if they get 800 towers?(most wont be built because of the petrol prices) They are trying so hard to be like western countries that they overlook the infrastructure these buildings need. Look at Dubai for example, the infrastructure stinks, there is raw sewage on the beaches, there is no street names, no safety precautions in most is not all of the buildings, etc. Dubai will be one freaky ghost town once the hype wears off! But heres hoping that at least some of these developments are successful so the immigration from these countries to our out dated "western" countries slows at least a bit.
how is it constructing a building a western thing???
so if any country in the world builds a building, they are considered to be westernizing??? so if the the island of Pohnpei construct a couple of Hotel resort building, Pohnpei is then "trying so hard to be like western countries"
if you look at history architecture is an middle eastern idea by the pyramids by Imhotep in Egypt and Ziggurats in Mesopotamia....
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