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Alright guys, made a quick update:

-Added/changed info on 15 story Sierra hotel on the small arena parcel
-Changed BOFA Superblock rendering to a newer (Nicer/smaller) one

Other things to note.

-I've seen the newer rendering for the ritz on the contactors website and its nice, almost as nice as the original proposal but still much better then the previous glass box representation. Another thing to note is the BofA is seeking LEED Platinum certification for their superblock project. Very few bldg's reach this certification. I hate that we don't have a height for the office tower yet but I'd guess its in the 470-510 range. The first major pooring of concrete for the hotel foundation took place the other night.

-The wachovia first street project is moving quickly (As seen in the above pictures, thanks btw.) The tower portion has reached ground level at one corner. Expect it to start rising above ground in another month or so. Clearing is still taking place for the condo portion but I'll move it up to U/C as soon as they get underway (Trust me).

-Novare's 3rd ward project will be accelerating soon with the arrival of mobile cranes and caison equipment onsite this last week. Catalyst caison and foundation work should be well underway in the coming months with the 15 floor Office tower starting the begining of 08 and the 39 story Twelve following soon after.

-300 S. Tryon site has been seeing some action with soil sampling and the arrival of construction trailors and mobile crane equipment. They have some clearing work to do onsite but this is def. a step in the right direction. This is one of my favorite projects as it will fill in one of the last surface lots along tryon street and help fill out Charlotte's smile a little.

-Nascar HOF site has been cleared and excavation has begun for the underground parking garage. Should be a while before they start actual structural construction however work is well under way.

-The park condo's have toped out.... wow.... Many people where happily proved wrong on this one. Even though the tower isn't that tall (270ft) its definitely making its presence known.

-Trademark should be 100% complete soon, so I'm anxiously awaiting when I can remove it from the list. Avenue still has a while to go (Interior finishing wise) but should be finished by the end of the year. (That blue glass is glorious, great tower)

Thats all the new news I have.... or could remember at least.
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