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Originally Posted by mthd View Post
a very large component of this project's public success (it has been exceptionally well received) is the careful attention paid to 'green' issues.
As someone who worked on TI and commuted there for 6 years, I continue to think the project's public success is based on some romantic notion about living on an island out in the bay with great views held by people who have been there for an hour or two a few times in their lives. It is a cold, windy, foggy place which, as you say, will be dependent on the ferries for connection to the city. BART doesn't run 24 hours. Will the TI ferries? There's the Bay Bridge but how would YOU like to face that traffic anytime you wanted to get off the island?

Nope. Most of those folks who think the project is great aren't planning to live there themselves.

Personally, I think it would be a great place for a huge gambling casino. Think about it. "What happens on TI stays on TI."
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