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Originally Posted by Renton
I haven't been out to the bay area since my navy days over in Alameda in the 80's. I didn't realize that they closed Treasure island. I heard about Nas Alameda and Oakland army base. Plan seems interesting. If they do complete this project, I'll have to go out west and check it out. Treasure island will always mean- Firefighting school - to me. Which is where you went in the navy for this training.
Everything military in the Bay Area is closed: TI, NAS Alameda, Oakland Navy Hospital, NWS Concord, Oakland Army Base, The Presidio, both the Mare Island and Hunter's Point Shipyards. The Pentagon did not like our attitude toward them in general or home porting the USS Missouri in particular.

All of these former bases are now redevelopment projects of one sort or another. Even the Presidio, now a National Park, is being cleaned up, the non-historic structures removed and replaced with rentable modern construction like George Lucas's "letterman Digital Arts Center" because Congress mandated the park be self-supporting (mostly through renting out the buildings).
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