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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
I was just mentioning a recent visit. I grew up in Chicago, and for a long time lived less than half a mile from this site. I have quite a lot of experience with the area, for a lot longer than you do.

I think we just have a different definition of "healthy pedestrian traffic". It's being killed in River North by the fucking parking podiums.

Chicago needs to ban new residential parking, and it needs to do so yesterday.
Wait, so because you grew up there a number of years ago you think you know better than I do considering I moved away from there only 10 months ago?

I could not give one shit that you grew up a half mile from here a number of years ago. I have way more daily, ACTUAL experience than you do in the last few years. The fact that you grew up there means jack shit when you're talking you someone who lived only 2 blocks away until 10 months ago.

Your growing up a half mile away a number of years ago and visiting for a few days recently means nothing to the context of present day everyday and people who actually experience the area everyday NOW or did very recently. There's another poster who has said that live a block away and agrees with me, but you know you think we should trust you more because you once too lived there many years ago but not anytime in the near past/now.
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