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Originally Posted by SHiRO View Post
You're a funny guy New Brisavoine (and by funny I mean just as obnoxious a booster as the old Brisavoine).

You also should know that there are precious little examples in the history of the world where the "most probable" demographic predicion actually came true.

Or did I miss something and does Brazil have 200 million?

And are you trying to put one past us with your "300,000 a year" or do you really not understand? A couple of years of high immigration will totally change the demographic situation in Germany so there doesn't have to be 41 continous years of such numbers. Perhaps you don't understand the complexities of demographics?

Anyway, Germany's economical and topographical position dictates that it is highly likely that at one point the current (minor) shrinkage will reverse (most likely because of more immigration and a lower death rate).
Maybe you should look up France's demographic predictions after WW1 and see how much of that came true...
All these years later and it turns out you were right, must have a crystal ball
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