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Originally Posted by VAHash View Post
Yes i did ask for opinions but where are you getting that im insistting that Richmond is not southern, only that my opinion is that it resembles D.C. and Baltimore in some ways (which are technically southern also) i also think it resemblees Winston Salem N.C. aslo. In the original post i mentioned that Richmond is looked at as southern city to most only becuse there are some people that would disagree to that.
I didn't say that you're insisting on anything...but your original post did question whether or not Richmond is more like DC/Baltimore or Raleigh/Charlotte. Obviously the latter are mostly newer cities that are not much like Richmond, but many southern cities do resemble Richmond quite a bit. The cities that grew up prior to the 1950s (Atlanta, Winston-Salem, Charleston, New Orleans, Nashville, Louisville, Memphis, etc) do seem to have a lot in common with Richmond.

So what are you asking? The original post wasn't clear...I'm not trying to argue with you, I simply thought I was answering your question by giving my opinion?

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