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A couple of updates from my visit to Mass General earlier this week. All pics are from Tuesday:

Hub on Causeway
Residential Tower from the I-93 exit. There's also another residential tower under construction across Lomansey Way near that exit that I couldn't get a shot from the car. It's in the underground construction phase, and the lot is pretty large.

Source: Me and my cracked screen iPhone

Residential tower looking east along Cambridge Street from the hospital. Don't know the exact location, but appears to be between Government Center and the Financial District.

Source: Me and my cracked screen iPhone

And a bonus from downtown Haverhill at the end of the commuter line. Getting a nice little modern 10(ish)-story condo tower along the Merrimac River. Appears to be the tallest in this reviving downtown district.

Source: Me and my cracked screen iPhone
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