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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
^ I actually think this is a great fit for the site as the North Branch develops more into a recreational/greenspace corridor. Sure, the driving range is privatized but the development will include a public riverwalk. Plus the traffic impacts are likely to be less than a big retail development, which is what I always assumed would go here. That riverwalk facing a driving range will be a lot nicer than a riverwalk facing the ass end of a strip mall... assuming the nets are kept in good condition

The suburban markets are really over-supplied for golf, whereas urban markets are under-supplied due to the scarcity of land... this seems like a good way to square the circle.
I thought newer zoning prohibited big box retail up again the river? Or at least the service drive of box retail lining the river. If not, it should be.

Even though I'm not a golfer in the least (honestly I'm a bit anti), it is one of those amenities that for many of the golf-crazed people in the city it is a nice to have without having to drive out to the far burbs for.

The best aspect of this is that it is a good placeholder that will not be too hard to sell and develop residential/mixed-use when market conditions most warrant it. I'm more put out about the Panera/Chick-fil-A across the street that I think would make a great pocket park.
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