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This amateur snapshot, currently on eBay, shows Calle de los Negros in March, 1947.


I always thought the little building that stands alone in front of the 'alley' (the alley is set back from the street) was a small gas station....but here we see gas pumps beneath the ASSOCIATED sign. If you look closely at my little building there are no pumps at all.

In fact, the small building appears to be an adobe. Does anyone know if it was ever a gas station?

This is how the little building appears on an old Sanborn map. As you can see, it's directly in front of the garage (perfect spot for a gas station).

ipinimg no date.

It's deceiving..the building appears to be a bit farther down the street in the 1947 snapshot. ... HELP!

Lastly, here is what is written on the reverse of the snapshot.

As you can see..the Chinese Massacre of 1871 is mentioned.


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