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Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post
I recently saw this photo that I don't recall posted on NLA before that was taken there when it was the Dudley Do Right Emporium.


It must've been taken around the time of that infamous Burt Reynolds centerfold issue in Cosmopolitan which was April of 1972.

Bullwinkle -
A buddy and I made a pilgrimage to the Dudley Do-Right Emporium in 1978 or so, not long after I'd first gotten my driver's license. The Emporium was closed when we arrived but there was a sign on the door indicating that if anyone wanted to visit the shop, we should come knock on the front door at the next building. So I did.

The man who answered the door was gracious and said someone would be there shortly to let us into the Emporium. It wasn't until many years later that I realized the amiable man was Jay Ward himself. I'd never seen a photo of him at that point. To this day I regret the lost opportunity to tell him how much I loved his cartoons.

I ended up buying two or three little souvenirs, whatever I could afford, which wasn't much. One was a cassette of incidental music from various Jay Ward shows. I've still got it somewhere.

On the opposite side of the Emporium as seen in this photo, they had painted a very funny series of images detailing the process of making an animated TV show. One showed movie film being processed at a lab, with several dollar signs above it. I guess that was a huge expense for them.
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