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I don't believe we have seen this business on nla.

Glo-Dial Clock Co., 922 W. 23rd St., Los Angeles

Heather David on flickr

The building is still standing and it's in decent shape! (this building seems familiar...perhaps we've seen it before)


As you can see, most of the small details are still in place. I am especially pleased the black and white tile work close to the sidewalk is intact. (sometimes that's the first to go)


...of course the clock is missing.

update :

The Glo-Dial building is directly behind 2301 Scarff Street. That might be the reason the Glo-Dial building seems familiar to me.

We have definitely seen 2301 Scarff Street on nla but I haven't been able to find the old post(s).

I will bet money GW knows all about this house.


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