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Since you posted about this area recently... [...] I recently saw this photo that I don't recall posted on NLA before that was taken there when it was the Dudley Do Right Emporium.


It must've been taken around the time of that infamous Burt Reynolds centerfold issue in Cosmopolitan which was April of 1972.

Bullwinkle -

I saw this photo also taken at the same corner at Sunset and Hayvenhurst Dr. about 8 years after the above photo.

Ken Anderson/Le Cinema Dreams

The billboard is advertising an Allan Carr disaster, "Can't Stop the Music", which had been originally titled "Discoland-Where the Music Never Ends"...but disco waned drastically before the movie came out, and across the street a slightly better remembered film, Little Darlings.

I don't recall the Chateau Marmont having that noticeable sign on it, though it obviously did. I mean, the Marmont was never scrambling for walk or drive-in business!
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