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Originally Posted by Mr Downtown View Post
"Public trust land" is land that has specifically had a restriction placed on it during transfer. That's not the same as land owned by the government being sold off for homesteading and settlement as contemplated.

The state of Illinois deeded the site of Jackson Park to the South Park Commission with the express restriction that the land “be held, managed and controlled by them and their successors, for the recreation, health and benefit of the public, and free to all.”
Call me elitist, but that seems like a silly thing to be honest. Considering the fact that the center will only occupy a small parcel of land in the North western portion of the park, I think the brewhaha is a bit hyperbolic.

It also doesn't help that Protect our Parks, the main party behind the lawsuit, reeks like it's sister organization Friends of the Park of being elitist nimbyism that don't want development just, because.
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