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Originally Posted by eixample View Post
I think he's referring to the after school teen crowd who do occasionally get into fights and do other stupid, criminal stuff. This is a complicated issue that has some race based undertones among some mostly white center city folk (definitely not saying jsbrook specifically), but there is no doubt that these kids can be a problem for some Center City businesses in that 3-5 pm hour. There is the whole other question of who the Gallery was for before being closed (largely minorities) and who it will be for afterwards (perceived by some to be a boogie white audience).

Jesus Christ though, 5,000 teenagers rioting in Center City in 1985. If anyone says things are going to shit these days or that teenagers are more reckless now, this is the obvious counter evidence.
Im sure we can trust the FDP to have cameras and security everywhere. And somehow I don't think a high priced arcade is the likely place to gather for a melee.
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