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Originally Posted by Jayfar View Post
Movie theaters and arcades in close proxity, perfect. What could go wrong?

I have fond memories of the Chestnut St Easter Riot of 1985:

On this day in Philly in....1985 |

By CAROLYN ACKER and STEVEN A. MARQUEZ, Daily News Staff Writers (Staff writers Gene Seymour, Leon Taylor, David Holmberg, Edward Moran and Kevin Haney contributed to this report.)

The business hours of movie theaters and arcades on the Chestnut Street Transitway might have to be regulated to prevent another incident like the Easter Sunday outbreak of looting and vandalism, Mayor Goode said yesterday.

Goode said at a press conference that he would meet with Chestnut Street and city business leaders today to discuss "what kind of standards we can establish on the arcades as well as the movie theaters themselves."

"I think if we're going to have a sound retail district, that we cannot continue to have three theaters and two arcades within that two-block area," Goode said of Chestnut Street between 15th and 17th, where most of Sunday's looting occurred. "We'll continue to have problems if we have that. "
There were numerous theories about what caused the Easter melee, which lasted about two hours and involved as many as 5,000 teen-agers and young adults.

I'm telling you, admissions could go towards the first activity. But you should not be able to get in for free. If that prices some people out, well sorry. We've seen what happens otherwise too many times. People will otherwise loiter without playing the games and get into the trouble with nothing active to do. It does, at least, look like you must be over 18 after 10:00 p.m. and over 21 after 12:00 a.m. at most of their locations. That could help the weekend crowds and minimize incidents.
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