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Originally Posted by Saturnian1 View Post
If JPMorgan ends up proposing their tower's actual design with a roof taller than 1551', do you think this tower will end up taller too? If we got the 1556' massing as the design, it would be nice to have this bumped to 1557'.

I wouldn't be surprised if this tower's design and/or height change (I would assume they won't try to make it shorter if they want to have the tallest roof in the hemisphere, so I would consider 1551' to be the minimum height if approvals go well). The rendering looks very rough, and the cladding isn't detailed.
The figures for JPMorgan's tower don't include a parapet etc.

I also don't know if they're going with the 1560' version (1,400' seems to be what they want)
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