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Originally Posted by ChaseM View Post
The city of Phoenix just posted this video today, at the 0:53 mark you can see how the current Central Station proposal will impact the skyline. Then you can see a better rendering of Barristers crown/top floors at the 3:20 mark!
Something I noticed:

I couldn’t figure out where I was looking at at 0:30 but the mural on the right appears to be the same one on the Western wall of Monorchid. So I wonder if this is the R02 development where there is currently the park. I don’t think we’ve seen plans for the housing around the Knipe House lot yet but last I heard it 4-5 stories.

And then at 2:45, it looks like the Knipe House but with an added dormer. Which means this must be the R02 development again.

Comparing the two shots, it’s hard to judge if these are just rough renderings or closer to the final thing.

Good video overall, covering the new developments around downtown. Like the new rendering of Block 23 as well!
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