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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I think this is not so much an "Ottawa" thing as it is a Montreal vs. the rest of North America thing. With a few exceptions in most of North America people dine out earlier than they do in Montreal and in most of Quebec even.

There are decent-sized areas of a number of cities (Toronto being one of them) where you can find crowds of people dining late, but even in most of these metros the majority of people eat at 5 or 6. Maybe 5 at home and 6 if they go out.

I know you're the expert on all things Anglo-North American, but what is this even based on? Most people haven't even left work by 5, let alone have gotten home and had time to make dinner. I think 7:00 is a pretty normal dinner time, even for the uptight Anglos. For restaurants, 6-9 are the generally the peak hours, maybe 7-10 depending on the area.
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