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Originally Posted by JET View Post
I'm a bit confused by your comments; you note that most of Heritage Trust's website dates back to 2010 - its not current; but then you note that you were reading their most recent newsletter (June 2014; this newsletter has very interesting info: Dennis Building, New Library, Commerce Square, Infants Home, early aerial photography of Halifax; all very interesting, well written, conciliatory, and topics that are often referred to in the Skyscraper forum. The newsletter seems very current, I'm unclear why you say it is not.
The newsletter is excellent. HTNS also does good research work, and i have seen a few cases where there research has been better and more detailed then HRM's Heritage file.

their press page is stale
Many of the works cited on their committees page are several years old.

have a look at their 3 year 2012-2015 plan

Their Goals and strategies are good, But they have failed in their execution. - Because success requires them to be more prominent and public facing with their advocacy - and they are not.
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