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Originally Posted by halifaxboyns View Post
Well said - that's the problem we run into a lot in Calgary in our growth areas. I did a public meeting last night for a project in Hillhurst and was amazed that we still had people debating the point of whether mixed use 6-8 storey buildings were appropriate on that street. I've come to the conclusion that for at least our work out here, the time of the 'passive' planner (being quiet, reserved) is over. So now I come out swinging and tell them; sorry that boat has sailed - whether you agree with it or not, Council has passed this plan and this is what we are here to implement. You are being asked about the design; what elements are good, okay and could be improved but the height is what council wants, along with the density.

I suspect they will likely appeal my project; but so be it. I'll work to get it to a reasonable balance of the community issues, policy requirements and city rules/regs and then get it to our planning commission for approval. But I've noticed with our folks a significant push back on our efforts and us digging our heals in or pushing back just as hard. I think that's good...
As long as you are within the legal bounds of your plan you will be successful.
It is not unknown for HRM planners to ignore the legal requirements of plans and bylaws and attempt to force a development through. And council had its knuckles rapped in court when they tried to sell St Pats Alexandra in direct violation of their established policy.
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