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Austin, Texas - Perfect Canvas

A project I designed and built in 2004 overlooking Lake Travis. About 3200 sf. on three floors. Looking at the photos, I am reminded of how the spaces constantly change and shift as one moves through them - a real 'everything AND the kitchen sink' project. Also, the light was remarkable. With over 60 windows and 13 glass doors, the house really took in its paradisic surroundings and the sun and shadows shift all day long. Design influences ranged from Christopher Alexander's 'A Pattern Language' and Charles Moore, to old Tuscan styles, to urban loft, historic Texas/San Antonio, and even Chinatown shop fronts and Oil Derrick iconography! My first house design and hopefully not my last. A bit busy and even kitschy, but that was the plan...

Rob Fiertek
fiertek @ gmail . com

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