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Canada Canada 1975 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

IKEA opened its first North American store in 1975 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, although that store—and another in Victoria, British Columbia—were closed in 1988 due to high operational costs and market size.[4][5] As of 2011, there are eleven stores in four provinces—two in British Columbia (Richmond and Coquitlam), two in Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton), five in Ontario (Burlington, Etobicoke, North York, Ottawa, and Vaughan), and two in Quebec (Boucherville and Montreal).[6] IKEA will enter its fifth province when it opens its twelfth Canadian location in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2012.[7]

This info came from wikipedia. The store was located on Akerley Blvd in Dartmouth. Shopped there often, got some of the furniture for my first apt there... now I'm aging myself.
Welcome to the forum. First store in North America was in Burnside. Wow.
Keith was right, I was wrong.
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