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Originally Posted by fenwick16 View Post
This is an interesting photo except if the stands are going to be covered then the condo apartments would have to be at the end zones.

I imagine a roof over the entire seating area with roof support columns between the first and second tier of seating; just keep them to a minimum. This would mean a few obstructed seats but a few obstructed seats is a small price to pay for comfort on a rainy day. I think that the roof might have to be heated during the winter to melt snow (I have heard of this being done in another stadium). If the snow load is kept to a minimum then the superstructure for the roof can be built lighter and less expensively. The concourse would be between the first and second tier of seating similar in design to the Halifax Metro Centre. This would be necessary since the first tier would be the retaining wall for the excavated quarry. I will try to do a diagram.
One of the advantages of having a residential building behind the stands would be the infrastructure it could provide. It would be an anchor point for the seating structure plus at the lower level perhaps a food court or ticket office could be incorporated.
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