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Originally Posted by q12 View Post
This stadium could probably be constructed even cheaper without the expensive looking media tower and sky boxes and possibly different building materials (no brick on backside).

I noticed this appears to have bench seating which helps with the costs, and the stadiums actually capacity is 27,000 plus 3,000 temporarily on the end zone grassy hill for students of the university.
I think that the media tower could be removed and the exterior could be precast concrete. It should be noted that this stadium is designed for American football which has a shorter field and shorter end zones than Canadian football (total length is 120 yards for American football versus 150 yards for Canadian football). So a similar stadium that stretches along both sidelines would have a capacity of 27,000 x 150/120 = 33,750 for Canadian football. Also the end zones would be wider (65 yards versus 53.3 yards, ) which would allow for more temporary seating.

I would suggest reducing the number of rows of seating so that the stadium would have 30,000 (instead of 33,750) bench style seats along the two sidelines with the end zones open. (Bench style seating provides higher capacity, lower stadium cost and lower maintenance cost than chair style seating). But put part of the money saved on the media tower and exterior brick towards having roofs over the stands like the Saputo Stadium in Montreal (the roof couldn't have been too expensive since the entire stadium was built was $14 million). I estimate that it could be built for $50 million.

I believe that a stadium would likely generate some revenue from naming rights since it would be the largest in the Maritimes which has over 1.8 million people in NS, NB and PEI (this is not including Newfoundland).