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Originally Posted by MonctonRad View Post

The style is very similar to the Stade Moncton 2010 Stadium (sans roof), also built for a low cost ($17M). I would argue that if Halifax were to build a stadium, it should look at a design like this too.

Also, as an ex-Halifax resident, if I could add my two-cents re: the location for a new stadium in the metro area...........ideally it should be in the south end close to Dalhousie and Saint Mary's. This would maximize utilization of the facility by making it convenient for university teams. It would also be within walking distance of at least some of the downtown hotels. The field (Gorsebrook I think?) on South Street behind the IWK would be ideal. Alternatively, if the stadium were to be built in the 'burbs instead, I would suggest the Dartmouth Crossing area........good road connections, nearby family and sports type restaurants and free land for adjacent development.

I hope Halifax does build a new stadium too. I know that Halifax could support a CFL team. I believe however that Moncton can too, and our natural catchment areas do not overlap too much.

I know most of you Haligonians think that us uppity Monctonians are way out of our depth here but in my ideal CFL, there would be 16 teams with two teams from the Maritimes.
I like to believe that both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick/PEI (combined) could support two teams. I like the Stade Moncton 2010 Stadium except preferably with a roof over each stand section and more permanent seats.

The SMU stadium is a good location for university football since it is on the SMU campus (obviously) and close to Dalhousie also. However, the highway access is poor which makes it less than ideal for the CFL. This is a problem for trucking companies using the South End container terminal. Dartmouth Crossings is a good location because of the good highway access and most likely less opposition from neighbours than the South End Halifax location.