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Originally Posted by hfx_chris View Post
Aim for 20-25k, expandable to 30. I think the stadium in Montreal that the Alouettes play out of is 20k, and I think they're expanding it to 25.
Honestly I doubt a stadium less than 25,000 seats would be viable as a CFL stadium. The only reason that Allouettes are able to survive in Molson stadium is they have high levels of corporate support and play one game a year in Olympic Stadium which holds in excess of 55,000 fans, which boosts that average seats sales for the year towards that 25,000 mark.

In a city much smaller than Montreal I don't think a local CFL team could expect the same levels of corporate support. The primary reliance on ticket sales would be what keeps the team profitable. I think if a team were to be viable in the short to mid-term it would require at least 27,000 capacity, which would at the very least allow it to benefit from those games which attract alot of fan interest. If the team were able to sell it out on a regular basis it would definatly create a profitable condition.
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