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Originally Posted by J. Will View Post
"The total U.S. population grew 20.2 million, about 60% from natural increase, in that period."

That's really surprising to me. I've read that Canada's population would be in slight decline were it not for immigration. The same is true of many other countries, like Germany.
Germany's population IS in decline. Despite heavy immigration, the birth rate of only 1.3 means that Germany is losing over 100,000 residents annually (and it is accelerating).

In comparison, the U.S. has a birthrate of 2.2

Canada has a much lower birth rate than the U.S., but it has much higher immigration rates, so it is growing about the same as the U.S.

The U.S. has the highest birth rate among the rich nations. France is second. France actually has very low immigration (despite stereotypes to the contrary) and is growing due to internal growth.

France. the U.K., Ireland, Netherlands and Norway (maybe Sweden too?) all have healthy birth rates for Europe. Basically everyone else in Eueope has some concerns.

Among the countries losing population: South Korea, Japan, Italy, Greece, Germany, Russia and most of Eastern Europe.

Spain, China and Thailand (!) will likely start losing population very soon.

Hong Kong and Singapore have some of the lowest rates in the world, but they grow through immigration.

I think South Korea is the lowest on earth.
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