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Originally Posted by Aryan Shahabian View Post
What's the purpose of vertical extension of curtain-walls and primary structural elements over the roof of tall buildings?

In many tall buildings, parts of primary structural elements and/or the curtain-walls are above the occupied space and the roof.

See this image as a clear example :

They don't separate interior and exterior spaces; in fact, they are only in the exterior space.

How are they called? Is there a specific term to address them?

And what's the purpose of designing and constructing them?

Are they useful to reduce wind-induced noise at the top floors?

Are they useful to reduce wind speed on the roof?

Or are they just for aesthetical purposes?

Thank you
There is typically a lot of mechanical, elevator and other electrical equipment on top of a tall building. The exterior cladding is extended beyond the occupied floors to conceal this equipment. It is called a mechanical penthouse.
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