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Thankyou jonesy.

General flow of skyscraper construction in europes main skyline cities is basically the following...

Booming like crazy, many different clusters rising all over the city, (will go into more detail later), lots of tall office and residential towers rising and many multi tower projects under construction, there are 72 100m+ towers under construction and many 200m+ too, the eu's top skyscraper city by far.

After a few slow years frankfurt is growing again, five 100m+ mostly residential towers now under construction. No 200m+ or office towers yet but has some proposed. Recently completed towers like the ecb and taunusturm have been notable office tower additions. All in all its number two in the eu right now.

Paris has five 100m+ towers under construction and they are mostly office towers, another three office towers were completed in the last two years (d2/majunga/carpe diem) so its doing well for european standards. Paris only has one cluster but this helps make it easier to achieve a good density. The height is not great with two 200m+ towers completed but a 240m tower called the link is to begin construction soon. I put paros in third place in eu just behind frankfurt. If it had a lot more 200m+ and a supertall with some new clusters aswell it would rise above frankfurt to rival london.

Warsaw for a relatively small city has a very active skyscraper scene. Poland has an unusual fondness for skyscrapers, ssc is full of polish forumers far more than the size of the country would suggest, skyscrapers are popular there.
Warsaw was destroyed in world war two so there are lots of empty plots of land and they are being used keenly to build tall on. Warsaw has several 100m+ towers under construction and is the only other city besides london to have a supertall (they have a 310m norman foster tower under construction at the moment). Warsaw doesnt have the best desigbs but is easily number four best skyline in the eu.
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