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Originally Posted by Illithid Dude View Post
I don't real reading anything about extra affordable housing. In fact, if anything, I remember reading that the rents on these apartment are still rather high, in spite of the lack of parking. Section 8, this is not...
Ah, I just reread the LA Curbed article, and then I actually clicked on the link in the article for The Lookout News (which I hadn't read before), and I now see that not all of the units will be "affordable." The Curbed article was written in a way that made me interpret that all of the units were going to be "extra affordable"; I was treating "extra affordable" ( in other words, "extremely affordable") as a single adjective, namely "extra-affordable." But reading the Lookout News article, it more clearly conveys that the development, as an extra, will include 6 affordable units.
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