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Urban_Genius mentioned the Saputo Stadium in Montreal in the "CFL for the Maritimes" section. This has 13,034 seats and was built for $14.1 million Below is a photo of this stadium:

(source cms6204 in photobucket). I hope that this photo shows up. If not it is at


(source dario.1983 in This is at

I copied the second photo since it shows it as being all individual chairs with people sitting in the rain. I think this stadium would be perfect for Halifax except make the stand's incline angle steeper so that the partial roof covers more of the seats and more seats are closer to the field. And instead of having all seats have benches but have the partial roof covering all of the stand sections instead of just one. This is built for soccer which has sideline dimensions of 100 yards versus 150 for CFL football. The width is 60 yards for soccer versus 65 yards for the CFL. If built to CFL dimensions with benches a stadium with a similar number of rows of seats would have about 20,000 seats. Not quite enough for the CFL. How about a partially sunken bowl with a double tier of seats?

I would think that a stadium like this could be built with 30,000 bench style seats in the $40-$50 million dollar vicinity with a partial roof covering most of the stands.