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Ugly Ottawa

I just made this post in the 'Ugly Canada' thread. I thought it would be fun to start an 'Ugly Ottawa' thread here. I omitted City Centre...too obvious :p What did I miss?

Here are some of Ottawa's 'Greatest Hits'

Septic Waste indeed....

Typical Vanier storefronts

I don't even...

BRAND NEW apartments. They want to build four of these. They didn't even try...

Scotiabank Place covered walkway to get hockey fans to the arena in STYLE

Perfect building for an adult video store

Rideau Street

More Rideau Street

The Rideau Street finale

This is on a major arterial. Tens of thousands of people drive by it every day. Still there...

That mural is just funny....

This has been falling apart since it was built

The pharmacy across the street sells a lot of anti-depressants

Classic Ottawa federal architecture. You see this all over the city. The coloured panels make it 'upbeat'.....

We have an entire neighbourhood of these nasty little post WW2 econo-boxes

People eat here?

Some kind of school

Little hole of a strip club

Ironically the best sandwich in Ottawa...maybe even the world...

I'm not sure what's going on here....but I don't like it....

Mmmmm. Baby puke green.

The Booth Street complex. Some talk about making it a sort of 'Distillery-style entertainment district' They had better act fast, it's crumbling to the ground.

No this is not in former Soviet Union. These are CONDOS. People BUY these.

These are finally getting a reface but the reface looks almost as ugly

Trailer park...right in the middle of the city. I'm not even joking
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