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BOI-IDA service

By a google search, it looks like SeaPort is flying only three daily's into IDA Monday through Friday... Only one flight on Saturday and no Sunday service. Does anyone know if this represent a reduction in service from what it originally was? I seem to recall them doing something like 5 flights a day at first? Also, why on earth to they fly to Pendleton? Is there really a demand or it just a logistical move by the airline to move the planes around?

On the Idaho Falls forum, IFguy seems to have some intel on a possible route to Hawaii opening up. Does anyone know anything about the likelihood of that? It would almost certainly be on Allegiant but it seems crazy that IF would get Hawaii service before we would.

BTW, a cool tool I found for searching for flight info is in google. Just type in "flights to [airport code]" into Google. It pops up with a list of all nonstop routes and the airline serving the route. Click on the destination and it brings up a timetable. The "flights from" command also works.
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